Otometrics TechTalk - Configuring settings in Otosuite®

Our expert product technicians answer your questions about configuring settings in Otosuite®.

Question: How do I configure my settings in Otosuite?


To access help in OTOsuite you can click on the F1 button on your keyboard. This will be bring you to the help section for the section of Otosuite you are currently using.

Audiometry module main window


When you have configured the settings in Otosuite the way you want them and would like to have this set up across your department, then you can export the configuration and import it into another version of Otosuite. Simply click on File -> Export Configuration

Export config


Save this on file on a USB stick or a shared drive that can be accessed by any PC. Then click on the next PC, Open Otosuite -> Click File -> Import configuration -> Select the following setting:

Import configuration

Click Ok and the settings will be saved in Otosuite


To save changes that you have made in Otosuite to default settings please go to Tools – Options – In the top right hand corner, you will have a star icon. When you click on this icon this will save the current settings as default.

Options in OtoSuite


To save a User test in Otosuite, configure Otosuite to the set-up required for your test. This will then ask you what you would like to call the test then this will appear in the user test under the F8 button in Otosuite.

Test selector screen