Otometrics Genie integrated sound room solution


Experience the sound of quality

A successful hearing test depends on many factors. Test equipment, workflow, ambient noise and your patient’s well-being can all influence the outcome. An Otometrics Genie sound room helps ensure you have the best possible environment for accurate hearing testing results with:

  • Acoustically engineered doors (with optional window) for great sound insulation
  • Solid windows – double-glazed, laminated 3/8” (9.5mm) safety glass mounted in a heavy gauge steel frame
  • An audiometric booth that is consistent with the leading international industry standards for sound reduction and manufactured in compliance with ISO 8253 and ISO 6189 standards

Hear the sound of quality today and learn how you and your Otometrics Genie sound room can help your patients to better hearing.

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A quality sound room without the hassle

Choosing a sound room for your clinic can be an overwhelming process. Otometrics – the market leader in audiology equipment and software – makes it easier.

Seven reasons to choose an Otomterics sound room:

  1. Audiology equipment integration  
  2. Custom-designed to suit your clinic   
  3. Easy to construct and move  
  4. No special floor preparation needed, minimising construction costs   
  5. Counsel your patients where they are with mulit-media options   
  6. Audiology expert consultancy and design service   
  7. Corner booths available to maximise available space

Designed to suit your clinic

Choose from single wall sound rooms that fit in any space to double wall multi-suite solutions for high-test volumes and maximum noise management. 

Select from a variety of trims, finishes and color and interior design packages to match your décor without sacrificing performance.

Enjoy the convenience of an easier sound room installation

From no-hassle installation to a more streamlined workflow, an Otomterics Genie sound room is a flexible and convenient way to boost efficiency in your clinic.

Special floor construction (Hi-Lo floor) limits the preparation work and expenses prior to installation while enabling minimal disruption to your clinic. 

And unique Cam-Lock™ assembly system makes the sound room easier to assemble and disassemble – without the mess created from mastic sealing or rock wool and without damaging your sound room.

Choose the audiology and sound room experts for efficiency – from start to finish

Our certified staff – experienced in audiology – provides consultation, design, delivery and installation. We manage your sound room project from start to finish. In addition, we work with you to ensure your sound room fits with your clinical needs and supports your way of working.

Seamless equipment integration means your Otometrics Genie sound room becomes a natural part of your daily workflow. It connects to all your equipment so you work more efficiently.

Optional recessed 26” touch screen multimedia monitor integrates with your audiology equipment so you can counsel your patients from inside the sound room.

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