Introducing the next generation Bio-logic® by Otometrics

Bio-logic overview

Next generation Bio-logic products by Otometrics offer a range of test combinations in a single device – so it’s easy to adapt to changing patient needs.

Our Bio-logic hearing screening and diagnostic solutions are especially well suited for audiologists and professionals who need space-saving devices that are efficient and flexible. 

Next generation Bio-logic products are exclusively available through Otometrics.

Biologic spot

Legendary reliability in a handheld device

The next generation Bio-logic® offers reliable results in a small footprint. The OAE test module includes a single-touch “child mode” animation featuring “Auddie and Otto” – making it easier for the child to remain calm while testing. Enhanced pediatric test features are designed to deliver reliable results when it matters most. PC-independent, handheld and transportable, it allows you to take your equipment to the child – or to remote locations.

The Bio-logic legacy lives on

Bio-logic has been the trusted brand by audiologists and professionals for decades. Today, our Bio-logic products come in an adaptable design to satisfy current and future needs. Make it your own – contact your local Otometrics representative today. 

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