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Jenevieve Butler always dreamt of having her own diagnostic audiology clinic. Her dream was finally realised after 10 years of preparation, when she opened Midland Hearing Care. Read more to learn about her journey and the decisions she has made along the way, including her collaboration with Otometrics.

I always dreamed of having my own diagnostic audiology clinic and this dream was finally realised after 10 years of planning, hard work and dedication. Midland Hearing Care was established in January 2019 in Longford Medical Park, GP Surgery, Ireland.

Prior to opening the clinic, I was commuting to Dublin on the train on a daily basis for my work as Diagnostic Audiologist at some of the most prestigious audiology clinics in Ireland. After much thought and reflection, I wanted to bring my specialist audiology skillset to Longford Town and serve the local community - the heart of the Irish Midlands.” 


Getting started with my own diagnostic audiology clinic

I also joined the Longford Business Network and feel as a new business owner and active member of the community, I can do my part to best serve my local community. Each day in clinic is different with varying degrees of hearing loss, complex patient communication needs and clinical profiles. I collaborate closely with local doctors and Ear, Nose and Throat consultants for medical referrals. I researched audiology medical equipment during my feasibility study in January 2017 and recalled my positive work experience at previous clinics and feedback from colleagues who had used Otometrics integrated audiology testing equipment. I based my decision on this knowledge and am very happy with all the support and excellent advice offered by the staff at Otometrics.” 


Choosing a full-integrated audiology testing suite 

I believe the Otometrics Aurical® and Otosuite® software offer my clinic the best audiology solutions in terms of equipment and connectivity. Everything is connected and integrated in one software programme. Patient test results are recorded in NOAH automatically and I can record patient data and update clinical notes with ease. My patients are impressed by Otometrics technology and know that they are undergoing an accurate hearing assessment with the latest technology.


Great staff 


The Otometrics technical support team offers outstanding support and advice and are always willing to help, even with the smallest technical query. Otometrics has gone above and beyond to ensure that my new audiology clinic could get up and running in record time to open to the public on the 21st of January, 2019. Excellent audiology advice has been offered by  Otometrics in-house Clinical Audiologists as well.” 


No regrets 

As with any new business, there have been many challenges with starting up Midland Hearing Care clinic. I have learned so much during this period of personal growth and development and continue to learn every day. I can offer my patients exceptional audiological care and provide them with bespoke health care solutions with the confidence of reliable and accurate assessment results provided by Otometrics audiology equipment.


Thank you to all staff at Otometrics, your support is greatly appreciated!” 


Jenevieve Butler 
Diagnostic Audiologist 
Midland Hearing Care




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