The Paediatric Audiology Course

The Paediatric Audiology Course, sponsored by Otometrics 

A multi-dimensional approach to meeting the needs of a child


Every child is different! In Paediatric Audiology, we see children with different types of hearing problems and at different stages of development. Hearing problems can affect speech and language and social development as well as educational progress and the psychological state of the child. Hearing tests can be affected by the child’s general and cognitive development. It’s important to be able to identify each child’s needs to develop the most effective assessment and management strategies.

This exciting new course offers a multi-dimensional approach to meeting the needs of a child. To reflect how the needs of children with hearing difficulties are supported by professionals of different specialties, this unique course covers a wide range of problems experienced by children with talks by professionals experienced in their fields including audiology, medical, education and psychology. Key areas include:

  • Aetiology
  • Child Development
  • Basic and advanced audiological assessment
  • Children with complex needs
  • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis 
  • Non organic/functional hearing loss
  • Auditory processing Disorder
  • Balance/vestibular problems and assessment in children
  • Psychology

During the course, there will be live demonstrations of various audiovestibular assessments and you will get the opportunity to have hands-on experience. The lectures and demonstrations will be delivered by experts in the field.


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If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Shankar Rangan or Veronica Kennedy