Audeman product

A new solution for comparative hearing aid fitting

AUDECOM is a hearing aid comparison device that allows the operator to subjectively differentiate between 3 sets of hearing aids simultaneously, allowing the customer to experience several different true to life scenarios. 

Not only can you easily switch between pre-set real life hearing situations/environments, but you can also demonstrate live speech whilst demonstrating up to 3 different manufacturers.

The system operates through a wireless tablet and has a small footprint.

Turn the fitting of hearing aids into a customer experience...

AUDECOM has a vast selection of hearing examples that simulate realistic hearing situations. 

Use the one touch feature in the software to easily switch between hearing examples such as the following: dialogue during airport check in, dialogue at a party where background music is loud, dialogue in a kitchen with noises generated from both cutlery, dishes and running water, conversation in a restaurant and street noise. 

Try encouraging the customer to move around the room whilst you engage in conversation with them to show them the true benefits of each hearing aid you are demonstrating.

Audecom product