Bio-logic NavPRO ONE - Auditory Evoked Potential Device

Bio-logic NAV Pro ONE

Legendary reliability in a handheld device

Bio-logic® NavPRO ONE® is a flexible and compact Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) system providing results you can trust. This one-channel AEP device is powerful with similar capabilities to larger PC-based devices. PC-independent, handheld and portable, it allows you to transport easily your equipment to the patient or to remote locations. It is ideal for screening ABR, threshold estimation using tone burst or Nav-chirps, Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR), electrocochleaograph (EcochG), and Electrical Auditory Brainstem Response (E-ABR).

An all-in-one AEP solution from the brand you trust


Next generation AEP solution from Natus

The Bio-logic legacy lives on

The Bio-logic NavPRO ONE is the next generation AEP solution from Natus. It is a reliable and accurate diagnostic platform with a portable, adaptable design to satisfy current and future needs. Bio-logic NavPRO ONE is a single-channel EP device from Natus that is compact and powerful. The ability to combine multiple test results on a single device streamlines data collection and simplifies the clinician’s workflow.

Customize tests to meet your needs with these modular combinations:

  • Screening ABR
  • Diagnostic ABR
  • Electrical ABR
  • ASSR
  • Screening Audiometry
  • Diagnostic Audiometry
  • Screening OAE
  • Diagnostic OAE
  • Input-Output OAE
  • Threshold Estimation OAE

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