Neurosoft Neuro-Audio

Neurosoft audio headphones product

A wide range of features in a compact unit

Neuro-Audio has a high-quality two channel amplifier and a built in audiotory stimulator with a wide range of intensities. It is a portable device that has exceptionally high quality recording without the need for sedation or an audiometric sound room.

The modern and user friendly software has multiple analysis options that are easily customisable to ensure a simple workflow, allowing you to concentrate on patient care.

The power of integration 

Optimised for your efficiency
The common database and user interface, built in protocols, integrated reference values and automatic algorithms have been designed to increase efficiency and optimise testing times.


Flexible settings
All software settings are fully adjustable meaning you can customise the device parameters to suit your clinic and save the profiles for future use

Reliable store of patient records and test data
All patient records and testing data are stored safely and securely in a dingle database which also features auto save and back up features to prevent data loss.

Customised reports
You can customise and design the content of your reports using the integrated report template editor.

Data export
You can easily export the data in the form of PDF reports for use on other computers or integration with your patient management system.

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