Newborn screening

Newborn hearing screening solutions – portable, precise and easy to use

When it comes to newborn hearing screening, you need speed, simplicity and accuracy to achieve desired refer rates and a productive screening environment. Delivering innovative newborn screening solutions that make your job faster and easier while ensuring accuracy and convenience with every hearing screening. Explore our solutions and find the newborn hearing screening solution that suits you best.

Bio-logic NAV Pro ONE
Legendary reliability in a handheld device Bio-logic® NavPRO ONE® is a flexible and compact Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) system providing results you can trust. This one-channel AEP device is powerful with similar capabilities to larger PC-based devices.
Bio-logic AuDX
Bio-logic® AuDX® is a fast, easy-to-use and efficient OAE screener from Otometrics. It offers dual frequency OAE testing with an option to test both ears at the same time.
Madsen Accuscreen
Madsen Accuscreen is a handheld, lightweight portable combination OAE screener and ABR screener. Whether used for in-hospital screening or non-hospital births or screening sites, Madsen Accuscreen is a portable and lightweight alternative to larger cart-based systems.