Otometrics Otoscan transforms the future of hearing care


Breakthrough technology gives hearing care professionals new ways to engage more patients and deliver personalized counseling in an efficient way

Otometrics (Natus Medical Denmark A/S – formerly GN Otometrics A/S), the leading global manufacturer of audiology instrumentation and software solutions, unveils today at AAA 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, Otoscan® – a breakthrough 3D
digital ear scanning solution. Otoscan gives hearing care professionals new ways to attract and convert more patients while delivering customized hearing care in an efficient way.

“Today marks an important milestone for our customers and all of us at Otometrics,” says President Carsten Buhl. “Otoscan is about to change the future of hearing care by giving hearing care professionals a whole new way to personalize the hearing care experience and boost their practice. With Otoscan, it is now possible to engage, excite and please new and returning patients as soon as they walk through the door – and keep them satisfied – by delivering an even more personalized hearing care experience and even better service – efficiently.”

Developed BY hearing care professionals FOR hearing care professionals

Otoscan has been developed by Otometrics – the independent hearing care solution provider and market leader in audiology solutions for more than 50 years. It is designed specifically for the needs of audiologists and hearing aid dispensers selling and fitting custom hearing aids.

Otoscan enables hearing care professionals to make digital impressions for custom in-the-ear pieces such as ear-molds and hearing aids. The scanner solution applies novel technology to transform images of the ear into 3D digital files that are then uploaded to Otocloud™, for immediate use in production of custom products, delivering significant efficiency and quality gains
in the production of hearing aids. Otocloud is a web-based portal cloud service supported by a dedicated Microsoft Azure server domain.

“We have taken great care to develop, refine, test and retest Otoscan among hearing care professionals – and the results speak for themselves,” says Lars Bladt Rasmussen, Director, Global Upstream Marketing. “In field trials among clinicians, nearly every patient scanned using Otoscan rated the experience exciting and interesting. What’s more, clinicians scanning their patients with Otoscan find the solution to be an excellent way to turn, what is today a passive delivery system in the form of silicone impressions, into an effective sales and counseling tool that can polish their professional profile, strengthen patient relationships and boost efficiency throughout their clinic.”

Streamlines hearing care processes

A complete hearing care solution, Otoscan can help hearing care professionals streamline their processes, save time and reduce handling costs associated with ear-molds. Peter D. Sotiropoulos, Doctor of Audiology and owner of The Hearing Rehabilitation Center in Kankakee, Illinois, USA says, “Our goal is to keep earmold turnaround time to a minimum. Otoscan
helps us cut our shipping time, and cost, by fifty percent. That’s a huge time and cost savings for us.”

Otoscan available soon for all customers and markets

Otoscan is now commercially available to select accounts within certain markets. Major players in the hearing instrument and earmold industry have already tested and produced hearing aids using Otoscan and the Otocloud community, and others are currently in the validation process.

“Our ambition is to have ‘The Big Six’ and all major earmold labs as members of the Otocloud community by the close of 2018,” says Lars Bladt Rasmussen. “Otoscan will be broadly available for all customers and all markets by the second half of 2019.”

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