Software Integration Group (SIG) Services

Unique IT Solution specific to Hearing Care Practice Management


Founded on more than 25 years of software integration experience, Audiology Systems’ Software Integration Group (SIG) offers a unique solution for information technology specific to hearing care practice management. SIG was developed to address the needs of a PC-based, software integrated practice with multiple instrumentation, as well as, usher a smooth transition to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR)-ready patient management system. SIG is NOAH network certified and has performed hundreds of installations across the United States. 

Software and Hardware Installation Services

SIG representatives evaluate and install the necessary hardware and software, such as: Otobase® software, data backup systems, external hardware, USB Wi-Fi adaptors, battery backup and system restoration software.

Integration and technology services

SIG services support the entire customer experience from equipment installation to computer networking and training, specifically for PC-based and network-compatible audiology equipment. SIG services ensure that audiologists and hearing care professionals have a better workflow, data security and the optimum PC experience. SIG services include:

  • EMR consulting
  • NOAH networking and support
  • Database security
  • Disaster prevention
  • Recovery solutions
  • Software installation
  • Customer software training

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